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Cheap engineering for sheds, garages, carports, farm sheds

MyKit Shed

Building a commercial or industrial shed is all about getting a good return on investment (ROI).

Did you know that pre-engineered steel buildings manufactured from cold formed galvanised steel can be up to 40% cheaper to purchase than engineered buildings manufactured from hot rolled back steel?

Galvanised steel framed buildings require no ongoing maintenance such as painting. They are precision engineered so that there is absolutely no waste and are much quicker to erect. Pound for pound there is no comparison. Cold formed steel buildings win hands down on design, foundation cost, cost of erection and erection times.

This means that you will be in your new factory (or leasing it) much sooner AND for less cost. Giving you a much higher return on your investment (ROI).

At MyKit Shed we have a large array of OFF-THE-SHELF designs that are winners of the Australia Good Design Award for Engineering Excellence. Or we will design one especially for you.

If you want a higher ROI you need to choose MyKit Shed! It’s a Winner!

Available Designs:

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